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Project Deletion

What is Project?

To know more about projects, visit Project.

Consequences of Deleting a Project

  1. All the pipelines running in the project, will also be deleted.
  2. Sub-domain on which the project's pipeline is deployed won't function anymore.
  3. All the associated ingress, deployments, secrets and services of associated downstream pipelines will be deleted.

Recommendation before Deleting the Project

It is recommended to have a backup of your YAML, Dockerfile and secrets before deleting a project.

Deleting the Project

  1. Go to Humalect's Console's dashboard.
  2. Click on Projects.
  3. Click on the highlighted three dots at the bottom right.


  1. You will see delete button, click on this button.


  1. Click on the ✅ icon to delete the project.


Your project will be deleted.


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