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Creating a new project

Prerequisites for creating a project

There should be a running cluster to host the project.

Create Project

  1. To start creating a project, go to the Humalect console's dashboard -> click on Project -> click on Create New Project button on top right.


  1. Name the project. The name could be anything but it must be unique.

  2. Give a brief description about the project. The description might include:- What the project is about?, What is the scope of the project, etc.

  3. Select a cluster on which you want to host your project.

  4. Select a Repository from the linked code repositories. select-repo

  5. Select a coding language in which your code has been written. This helps populate a corresponding Dockerfile in subsequent steps


  1. Assign a port number to your project. This is the port number on which your code runs eg. 80,8080 or 3000.

After you have entered all the required necessities mentioned above, click on the highlighted Create Project button at the bottom and Voila, your project is created. Move forward and create some pipelines for your newly created project


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