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User Settings

This article will walk you through the various options that you will see under the Admin Section of the Humalect Platform.

Now let's discuss each of them in more detail:

1. User Information

This section allows you to enter and edit your personal account details like Email, DOB etc.

Here is a tabular representation of the data fields available in the Admin Section of the Humalect Platform.

1.Full NameIncludes "First Name" and "Second Name". Middle Names can also be used.Yes
2.EmailThe email user used for signupYes
3.DOBDate of Birth in DD/MM/YYYY formatOptional
4.LinkedIn URLE.g-
Table showing details about the User Information Tab .

Here's a quick look at the User Information section.


Image showing profile section - User Information Tab.

2. Organization Information

The Organization tab consists of options like the name of the organization and the number of employees.

1.NameName of the organization (org, Pvt ltd or LLC) you representYes
2.Number of EmployeesPlease select a range from a dropdown list representing the number of employeesOptional
Table showing details about the Organization Tab .

Here's a quick look at what this section looks like in the Humalect Platform.


Image showing profile section - Organization Tab.

3. Subscription Plans

The Subscription gives a brief overview of your current subscription.



You can use your credits to buy subscription Plan.

To buy Subscription plan with credits, click on Upgrade Now button and Select Buy with Credit option.

4. Change Password

The change password tab allows you to change your current password which you used to log in to the Humalect platform.

This section contains 3 options:-

  1. Current Password - Enter the password which you used to log in.
  2. New Passwordr - Enter the new password you wish to set.
  3. Confirm New Password - Re-enter the new password you wish to set.

5. Credits

You can enter Coupon Code to Redeem Credits. Every coupon comes with a Expiration Date have a certain credit point.


6. Manage User Invites

If you wish to invite a new member to access the cluster and project and view pipelines, click on the + Invite User button located at the right top.

Once you click on the + Invite User button, enter the email address of the person you wish to invite and click Submit.


Image showing profile section - User Information Tab.

If the email entered by you is already invited or has access, then you'll see a prompt saying The provided email address is already in use.

Otherwise, you'll see a green notification saying Invited User Successfully.


Please Note:

  1. Invited users cannot create new clusters or delete existing clusters. They also cannot see logs of cluster creation (which otherwise could have been accessed by clicking on 3 dots towards the right of every cluster).
  2. Invited users can deploy pipelines.
  3. Invited users cannot invite other members and cannot access settings for cluster creation or deletion.


Image showing email invitation - User Invites Section.

5. Other Settings and Preferences Settings

The settings tab allows you to set permissions for cluster deletion.

Cluster DeletionFalse

By default, this value will be set to False so you do not accidentally delete your cluster.

If you are the admin and want the Cluster Deletion option,

  1. Click on the Update Settings button situated at the right top,
  2. Checkmark the Cluster Deletion option and,
  3. Click Submit.

A word of caution: Do not enable this setting if you do not need it, deleted clusters and any data associated with them is permanently lost.


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