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We built Humalect to give the capabilities of DevOps engineers to your dev team. Be it creating infrastructure or deploying applications, our platform works like your sidekick. 

The Humalect platform can help you with:

1. Creating infrastructure and environments 

aws azure

Humalect platform connects with your favourite choice of cloud provider. We currently support AWS and Azure. We believe Kubernetes is the way to go for scalable deployments. We love Kubernetes and suggest all our users to get started with k8s. 

But k8s is difficult to get started with, isn't it? How do I upskill my team to start using k8s? Say no more!

Humalect provides you a low-code way of building infrastructure as code and stand up as many Kubernetes clusters as you want in a few clicks in your own cloud account. We do the heavy lifting for you, so you don't have to. 

You can create as many environments using your Kubernetes clusters as you want, each one completely isolated from the other one completely. 

2. Enabling CI/CD 


Our platform lets you connect your git repositories from multiple source code providers. Be it Github, Bitbucket or Gitlab, Humalect can connect to your code with a click without getting access to your code. You keep your code and infrastructure; we never access any of it, ever. 

Once you have connected your code, you can build pipelines on our platform to build and deploy your code. You can choose to deploy manually or enable continuous deployments. As soon as your devs commit code, it can be deployed, and preview URLs are available to be shared with other team members. 

3. Automated build manifests

Not sure about how to write a Dockerfile and YAML manifests? Do you find it boring? Well, we do too. Our platform auto-generates all the things needed for your application deployment, be it a Dockerfile or Kubernetes YAML manifests; everything is taken care of, so you just write code and build the business logic. 

4. Inbuilt logging and monitoring 

Want to quickly look at your application logs or resources that your application is using? Our dashboard gives you a quick peek into your deployment state. Need a more detailed analysis of your infrastructure and application deployments? We support integrations with top observability tools like Grafana and Datadog, integrate with them to get a single pane of glass observability into your tech stack. 

5. Deployments and pipelines 


Many developers wanting their own individual environments to run their own branches? Macbooks running out of memory because of multiple microservices and databases running locally? Using the Humalect platform, every developer gets their own remote environment without blowing up infrastructure costs. 

Using pipelines, you can host your code branches on specific subdomains and deploy them for testing in seconds. All the DNS routing and SSL encryption are taken care of by the platform. No more fighting over limited environments; create as many as you want and deploy as much as you want. 

6. Deploy databases on demand 

Do you feel RDS and hosted databases are costly for non-prod environments? Do you want to create ephermal but stable and reliable databases for your non-prod environments without worrying too much about maintenance? You can host top open-source databases using the Humlaect platform in a few clicks. Connect them directly to applications in a click. You get full control of the database configuration, backup and restores with Humlaect platform. 

7. Integrate with your favourite tools 


We know devs are opinionated towards the tools they love ;)
That's why we built integrations with the best tools. Do you love Gitlab for its CI/CD capabilities? We built its integration. Do you love how Datadog and Grafana keep you abreast of happenings of your systems? You can link your accounts in a click. Bring whatever tools you use currently, we enable you to use them in a better way. We will never sell a solution of our liking to you, we promise!

8. Control Cloud costs

Is your cloud bill bleeding your budget? Humalect helps you save $$$$ on your cloud and infra costs. Everything runs in your cloud account, so no worries about migration debt or lock-in. We also collaborate with partners to help you save up to 57% on your AWS bills. All in all, with Humalect, you can serve your customers better while keeping your infrastructure costs in check.

Well, if you read till here, we are sure you love what the Humalect platform offers to your team.

But what benefits can my dev team get out of the Humalect platform?

It helps your team become more productive because they can focus on what they do best, and the Humalect platform takes care of the rest. 

Because of the single pane of glass DevOps that the Humalect platform provides, everyone gains visibility into infrastructure and DevOps, thus enabling your team to collaborate better. 

And at last, we all could use some savings on them cloud costs, can't we?

Would you like to take the platform for a spin? Schedule a demo with us; we would love to hear your story and help you!

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