Set up ELK stack in a single click

June 21, 2021

Please request your license key here and proceed with the steps below once you have the key.

Follow the steps mentioned below for one-click provisioning of an EC2 instance running elasticsearch, logstash and kibana

Click on this link and follow the instructions below

Three fields for your VPC, license key and ssh key-pair are to be filled by the user
The EC2 instance with the ELK stack will be up and running in 5 mins
A t2.medium (4 GB RAM) server is created with 20 GB storage
Monthly bill of 40$ is expected if the server is stood up in ap-south-1(mumbai)
The password for elastic user in first line of passwords.txt at /home/ubuntu

The following ports are open by default 80, 443, 9200, 5601, 22. It is advised to restrict them to your static IPs and close these ports as soon as the stack is provisioned

Assign an elastic IP to the EC2 instance

Take the URL from the EC2 Public IPv4 DNS and your elastic instance's kibana will be available at

You can change the password for elastic user from kibana after first login. New users can also be created from kibana.

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