Honestly, AWS does not need much in terms of an introduction. It is one of the world’s best cloud provider platforms there is. It enables companies to build and deliver products on its platform using DevOps practices.

AWS provides an exemplary level of business and technological advantage for startups and enterprises alike. And for that reason, Humalect integrates with AWS so that organizations of any size can seamlessly and reliably build, scale, and deliver products.

Managing infrastructure, deploying code, and monitoring your infrastructure & application on AWS can all be automated using the Humalect platform. 

Why is this integration beneficial for startups?

AWS and Humalect are natural partners and the mission for this integration is simple: to make it easier to build, scale and deploy products reliably and rapidly with no downtime.

Complete control of your cloud

Humalect + AWS integration allows you to stand everything up in your cloud account. Humalect does not make any changes to your code. Just connect your cloud account and Github repository, and you are good to get started.  

Get started fast

Humalect is a no-code DevOps automation platform. It fits into your development stack without any coding or downtime. It is an end-to-end platform that enables startups and enterprises to bootstrap their infrastructure, pipelines, and deployments in minutes.


Humalect+AWS enables you to automate most of your tasks on AWS so you can build faster and more efficiently. Focus on getting your product to your users; the Humalect platform will handle everything else.

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