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Complete automation from Infra provisioning to end result (pipeline/dashboard/alerts)
Best practices implemented using Infrastructure as Code
All this using opensource software, no more license costs :)
5x faster than implementing your own DevOps solution
5x cheaper than existing SaaS solutions, no recurring costs

Use Cases

CI/CD using AWS Stack

- Create AWS CodePipeline and CodeBuild for CI/CD with terraform
- Gets the code from GitHub repository, builds it, pushes the built artifact to an S3 bucket, and deploys the artifact to Elastic Beanstalk ( Java, Go, Node, Python, Ruby )
- Gets the code from GitHub repository, builds a Docker image, pushes the Docker image to an ECR repository, and deploys the Docker image to Elastic Beanstalk running Docker stack


Monitoring and Alerting

- Setup prometheus server using terraform and node exporters on servers to be monitored using ansible
- Monitor application metrics and metrics of host hardware and kernel.
- Use Grafana's expanded capabilities for dashboarding
- Fire notifications to the receivers like email or slack using alertmanager

aws (amazon web services)

Logging and Analytics

- Create elasticsearch cluster using terraform and  Elasticsearch with built-in integrations with kibana and logstash
- Aggregate logs from all your systems and applications
- Analyze these logs, and create visualizations for application and infrastructure monitoring, faster troubleshooting and security analytics


Application performance Monitoring

- Create elasticsearch cluster using terraform and  Elasticsearch
- Install the APM server using ansible
- Install the APM agent in your app
- Analyze the data and visualize in Kibana
- See exactly where your application is spending time so you can quickly fix issues and feel good about the code you push

aws (amazon web services)

CI/CD using Jenkins

- Build and deploy Jenkins using docker and terraform. AWS Elastic Beanstalk or EC2 can be used as Infrastructure
- On every push in Github,
checkout code -> run tests -> build artifacts -> push to registry -> Deploy to provider of your choice

* provision to run multi stage pipelines for staging and production environments


Comprehensive billing and budget dashboards for AWS and GCP

- Groups financial data for all your applications and AWS accounts for better cost visibility through costs and budgets dashboards
- Using BiqQuery and Google data studio to create daily, monthly and YTD dashboards with spend based on services, teams and environments

aws (amazon web services)
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