DevOps Automation Platform

Deploy your code without setting up any Infrastructure or pipelines. Humalect platform does the heavy lifting for you. Infra provisioning, CI/CD, certificate management and domain management built in. Set up your environment in few clicks

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Enabling your journey from DevOps to NoOps


Infrastructure provisioning and management

Scalable infrastructure created automatically for your services in your own cloud account. We manage the complexity of auto scaling and security best practices

Build and deployment management

Just login with your Git repository and we build & deploy it in a scalable manner. No writing Dockerfiles and yaml files, no fuss about creating stable environments


CI/CD in built for your repositories. You get the control to change the fine details of the pipelines

Domain and Certificate management

Domains and certificates managed by the platform for all of your deployed services. No outdated/failing certificates anymore

Monitoring and Alerting for your Infra and services

Get the visibility into your infrastructure and services running on it from day 1. Alerting built in every deployment

Everything in your own cloud account

Apprehensive about sharing your code and keys with us? You get to keep the code and keys, we create your infra in your own cloud account

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