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Still hiring DevOps engineers full time or through freelance platforms? Humalect can help execute your DevOps/MLOps vision one task at a time

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How does On-demand DevOps talent delivers results?

Global, scalable and remote talent delivering quality solutions using Agile Methodology

Break down assignment into atomic tasks

Assign a DevOps Engineer

Discuss and finalize tasks & deliverables

Identify blockers or feedback

Development & Build

Work starts, Commits and PRs start flowing in

Code Reviews

Hosted demos or scripts shared (optional)

Testing & Integration

Integrate the code

Test on pre production environments

Bug fixes and testing

Production Release

Release in Production

Post release testing

Monitoring and Triaging

Plans & Pricing

No credit card required. No risk


$30 /hour
Email Support
Weekly Review
24 hours SLA


$35 /hour
Email Support
Bi-Weekly Review
12 hours SLA


$40 /hour
Email Support
Daily Review
6 hours SLA
Need a customized plan? Please contact us.

Custom Solutions

Wanna track your ML experiments and introduce CI/CD in your ML workflows?

Experiment Tracking and Reproducibility

For each experiment run, track
- Hyperparameters, accuracy and other custom metrics
- Data and Code version
- Custom metadata and Tags
- Models and artifacts
- Get an ability to reproduce code,data and model of any previous run quickly

Diff and Merge for Notebooks

- See differences between branches and commits in Git
- Automatic and Manual merge of Notebooks
- Compare changes in outputs of cells

CI/CD for ML

For every PR to release branch,
- Track metrics like accuracy
- Compare plots of changes
- Run automated behavioural tests
- Use self hosted containers/GPUs for faster CI within Github